Coastal Empire Sentinels
Coastal Empire Sentinels

Full Members:


Eric Jenkins, President


George, Secretary


Sir Rob Roberston, Pledge Master, Mr. SCSL 2000, SE Trainer 2015

Sir Wayne Turpin, Treasurer, Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2011, Mr. SCSL 2013

boy brian Johnson, SCSL boy 2013


Northman, Mr. SCSL 2015  


Tim, aka Sea Wolf  (Facebook as Ryan Meyer), Mr. SECC 2018


David aka Pup Havoc, SE Puppy 2017


Sir Fuzzy Pants, Mascot (non voting)


Members at Large:

Dakota Belotti


Max, Tampa Bay Leatherboy 2013, Florida Leatherboy 2013, American Leatherboy 2015 and SECC bootblack 2018



Honorary Members:

Lady D [Deborah Harrison] (2000-2012 Ms. Southern Coastal States Leather)

Jim Blevins

Russ Brannen

Dale Garee

Dorothy Karesh

Larry Lipsey

Dab the Aids Bear

Associate Members:

Master Roy Bell
Greg Doke
Tom Hain
Luis Eduardo Hernandez
Michael Hogarth
Michael Joyner
Roy McLeroy
Brad McMillan
Scott Porter
Dennis Romano
Paula Smith

Ric Smith
Wolf Stanley
Letha Stanley
Fred Wright
Brit Boots
Gregg Nipper
Janice R.
Master Bruce Ross
Bob Rickards

Scott (CLO)

Cara Crane

Dale M.

Casey M.

Melissa W.


IIf you were an associate before the club dissolved, we are sorry that we don't have those past records. But if you show us your associate patch we will be very happy to add you back to our list.

Members in Memoriam:

Mitch Adams, former president Steven Mulvey, former president

Felicia (Neal) Adams

To apply to be an associate member click one of the links below.

For Full Membership aplication or Member at Large please speak with a current member of the club about your interest.

CES Lifetime Associate Application

Email questions to

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